Shame Mr. George Galloway




Dijla Waheed


For the second time I hear you saying that Iran hasnt invaded another country in more than 300 years. You obnoxiously in both instances blamed and accused Iraq for waging a war and invading Iran and that Iran was defending itself against that invasion. In your last broadcasted audio conversation on YouTube with your caller James in Saffic who reminded you by saying that Iran if you recall fought very brutal war against Iraq you replied nervously by saying the following: I cant believe you just said that .  Iran didnt fight a brutal war against Iraq . Iraq invaded Iran . Iraq invaded Iran using our weapons and with the support of our government . What do you mean they fought a brutal war against Iraq? They were invaded for God sake . What is that have to do for being a threat for us for God sake . We encouraged Iraq to invade them and you are using the fact that they fought hard to defend their country when it was invaded as the reason for invading them.

Here is the YouTube link for your conversation:

You know very well that your accusation is totally wrong and is utterly a blatant falsification of the truth and the history of that war which Irans Khomeini had started and waged it against Iraq before it was known internationally. What evidence you got to insinuate that Iraq used your weapon to invade and fight Iran?!!! What evidence you got to claim that your government encouraged and supported Iraq to invade Iran?!!!!  I know politics is the art of possibilities but I also know that politic is the art of lies of deception and deceit but, unfortunately, I was not aware that politics became the art of moral and mental destitution and prostitution.

Mr. George Galloway, if you are totally ignorant about the actual reason for the eight years war with Iran for some reason or another, I would like therefore, herewith, to enlighten you about what actually had happened before Iraq reacted against the Iranian aggression and hence the beginning of the official date of that war. The documented facts that I am citing some of them herein originated from the registered events of the armed assaults and violations committed by the Iranian armed forces, Iranian air force and the Iranian revolutionary guards against the Iraqi oil and economic facilities and against Iraqi villages which are/were located near the Iraq-Iran borders. Those facts were also mentioned by the martyr President Saddam Hussein in a filmed popular gathering after the end of the war in 1988. Those documented aggressions committed against Iraq by the Iranian armed forces before the actual date of the start of the war were sent in the form of written diplomatic protests to the Iranian government via the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. The number of these written diplomatic protests handed to the officials in the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad was 293. The Iranian government ignored those protests and probably explained them as if they were points revealing Iraqs weakness. That information were also sent at that time to the Security Council of the United Nations and also reported to the participants in Al Taef conference in Saudi Arabia.


Khomeini started his aggression against Iraq since he came to power and escalated that aggression until it reached its maximum at September fourth 1980.You should also definitely know that Khomeini said directly after the success of his revolution and the ousting of the Shah of Iran that he wanted to spread his Islamic revolution in the region to include the whole Middle East countries and he had also said that the road to liberating Jerusalem passes through Baghdad, that is to say occupying Iraq and change its government.

Here is some of what happened before the start of the war:

 From February 1979 to September 1980, the Iranian air force violated the Iraqi airspace 249 times.

From June 1979 to September 1980, civilian target inside Iraq were bombed 244 times by the Iranian armed forces; that is to say 244 acts of aggression. 

 The Iranian shot three times at Iraqi civilian airplanes, and in one time Iranian jetfighters violated the Iraqi airspace and forced an Iraqi civilian airplane to land inside the Iranian territory.

 In October 11, October 26, November 1 and November 7, 1979, the Iraqi Consulate in Al Mohamara in the occupied Arab Ahwaz Province was attacked and occupied 4 times and Iraqi officials there were expelled by the Iranian revolutionary guards in discord with the known diplomatic conventionality.

 From January 1980 to September 1980, the Iranian attacked the Iraqi oil and economic facilities 7 times.  

 Moreover, the Khomeini regime encouraged its agents inside Iraq to commit acts of aggression and crimes before the start of the war.

 For example, in April 1, 1980 they attacked Al Mustansiriya University and killed several young female and male students.

 In April 5, 1980 during the escort of the deceased students by their colleagues and the Iraqi masses, the Iranian agents threw bombs on the funeral procession and killed a large number of students as well as other participants in the procession. Also injured in the Al Mustansiriya attack were vice Prime Minister Tarik Aziz who is currently prisoner of war at an American Prison in Iraq, and Mr. Badr Al Din Mdathar, member of the National Command of the Baath Party.

 The Iranian aggression against Iraq occurred in September 4, 1980 and From September 4, 1980 to September 22, 1980; the followings had taken place against the Iraqi oil and economic facilities and against the Iraqi cities and civilians located near the Iranian borders:

 The Iranian bombardment included the Wind Refinery, Oil fields, Khanaqeen, Mandali, Zorbatia, Basrah city, oil fields and facilities in Basrah; Shaat Al Arab was also closed before September 22, 1980. The Iranian used their air force to attack the Iraqi army inside Iraq territory and also attacked Iraq airplanes patrolling the Iraqi borders.

 Here are some examples of some of the registered military aggression and violations committed by the Iranian forces against Iraq before the start of the war, and which were sent to the Iranian government as written diplomatic protest via the Iranian embassy in August 11, 1980. I am citing only what happened and not the diplomatic text of the letter:  

 This what happened in July 31, 1980

 At 945hr the Iranian forces opened artillery fire from their cannons and tanks against Chwar Klaw area and the shooting was stopped at 1200hr.

 At 1000hr, the Iranian forces open fire against Abdel Rahmman Al Dakhel checkpoint and at the foot of mount Bamboo and 1230hr the shooting was stopped.

 At 1615hr, the Iranian forces opened heavy artillery fire against Nafoot Khana area and stopped shooting at 1630hr.

 At 1630hr of the same day, the Iranian forces opened it heavy artillery fire against Al Khafiqi checkpoint and the shooting continued until 1930hr.

 This what happened in August 4, 1980

 At 900hr, the Iranian forces opened its heavy artillery fire against Ramadan checkpoint and Al Wind checkpoint, and at 930 of the same day opened its artillery fire against Okba Ben Ghazwan checkpoint.

 At 1030hr, the Iranian forces opened its artillery fire against Al Hussein checkpoint, Alshorta quarter in Al Monthireya area and shooting was stopped at 1115hr.

 At 1200hr, the Iranian forces opened its artillery fire against Chwar Klaw area and against Badr checkpoint, and at 1200hr of the same day the Iranian forces opened its artillery fire against the Iraqi army at Bawya.

 Here are some other events sent to the Iranian government in another protest letter:

At 1810hr in August 6, 1980 the Iranian forces opened fire against Hotheyfa checkpoint and the shooting was stopped at 1930hr. 

 At 1529hr in August 11, 1980 an Iranian jetfighter violated the Iraqi airspace and flew around 10 km inside Iraq at Badra area.

 At 1015hr in August 11, 1980 the Iranian forces opened its heavy artillery fire and missile against Al Khafiqi checkpoint and Zain Alqaws and at 1320 the shooting was stopped.

 Mr. George Galloway, you know very well what is going on now in the occupied Iraq. You also know very well what influence the Iranian have in Iraq following its illegal occupation by the American forces and their allies among them are/were the Iranian who on several occasion (Mohammed Khatami, Rafsanjani, Ali Abtahi and other Iranian high officials) proclaim that without the help of Iran America would have never been able to occupy Iraq or Afghanistan on its own.

 Mr. George Galloway, you know very well what crimes and atrocities the Iranians and their cronies Shia militia and the Kurdish Beshmarga - have committed against the innocent Iraqi people in collaboration with the dead squads composed by the war criminals John Negroponte and the Israeli Mossad. The number of Iraqi victims resulted from the crimes committed by these gangsters, mercenaries and those committed by the American occupation forces and their allies among them are the British forces mounted to more than three millions excluding the five dislocated people who were forced to leave their homes. 

 Mr. George Galloway, I know you are a faithful friend to our brothers the Palestinian people, and I also know that you are a friend of the Arab people and stand against imperialism, globalization and against the wars waged by the war criminal little George Bush and his Zionist Neocons friends who are influential in his administration and who brought disasters to the American people and the world at large. However, that would not hinder us from directing our criticism towards your politically and historically incorrect claims that Iraq invaded Iran despite the fact that the contrary is/was true.

 July 15, 2008





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